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Remote Record Oboe

Remote record oboe is the optimum solution for:

  • swift delivery turnarounds

  • when ​other studios are fully booked

  • a fully isolated and manipulable recording

  • efficient budgeting

You'll get a nice 48kHz or 44kHz / 20 or 16 bit stereo wav file, both dry and (suggested) wet, which has gone through a nice signal chain. Just send mockups, stems, sheet music as a PDF, an audio click track, a midi click & tempo map file if available, and I'll do the honours!

Good examples of the resulting sound you will get are here - the videos for EMI and the CURVE are pretty representative. You can also see and hear me play oboe on my videos page and my music page

Feel free to contact me here with any questions!

Dom Kelly Oboe

Remote Record Oboe

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